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These hypnosis sessions are all available à la carte, and may also be purchased three at a time for the “Happy Hour” rate.


Excellent gift for recent graduates, new divorcées, and the creatives in your life.
You may not have 99 problems, but money is one of them — until now! This session sets straight whatever baggage you have with bagging coin. Fear of privilege or jealousy? Averse to math? Hate paperwork? Shame about debt? Let’s get you over it so you can start that business, buy that house, or simply learn to love living within your means.

Baby don’t even bother if you ain’t about to quit!
As of the time of this writing, the She Shed has a 100% success rate with its signature stop-smoking session and YOU WILL NOT BE THE ONE TO MESS THAT UP! So when you’re certain you’re ready to retire that cig life, come in for this meticulously customized session and limber up for a lifelong (wheeze-free) victory lap.

Ideal for survivors of trauma, targets of micro-aggression, overextended moms, and other stressed-out queens.
If you feel like a bitch a lot of the time, here’s some great news: your anger has a place, resentment can be discharged, and triggers? Love to be re-programmed. Schedule this session to displace the logic of hyper-vigilance that’s been eating you alive like a gangrenous bullet wound and replace it with something much more effective, much more appealing, and much more YOU.

For women who are bored with their own excuses but can’t seem to change by will power alone.
Your bad habits are not you; they’re simply things you do automatically. Alpha Chic puts your conscious intention in charge of your reflexes, creating new automated reactions. Drop any unwanted behavior, nix procrastination, and blaze into that better self you know you were born to be.


A great gift for newly menstruating young women as well as women without wombs who wish to connect with that energy.
Reverse “The Curse” and learn to love your period. Sound impossible or frivolous? That’s The Man in your head! Best Time of the Month resets the standard eye-rolling attitude with a ritual of highly anticipated self-care, intuitive exercise, full-body listening, and of course, the most righteous shedding of all!

Been called fussy, touchy, unreliable, dramatic, psychic, or crazy? You may want to book this one immediately.
Known in the scientific community as “HSP” (Highly Sensitive Person), about 15-20% of the general population is running on an especially perceptive nervous system — which has special gifts, and special needs! In this session we focus on shedding shame, legitimizing boundaries, and tapping into the secret super powers that come with being weird.

Celebrate the first grays, wrinkles, or night sweats — also serving you twenty-somethings who mistakenly believe you’re “getting old”. Groups encouraged!
There’s a reason you fear getting older and we’re going to reason it right out of your head. And your body. And your dreams. You are only ever growing into your power and no culture of youth-worship or capitalist schemery will separate you from your enjoyment of that, not as long as the Shed stays standing!


If you question all your life choices around mid-winter, there’s a biological reason for that and hypnosis can stimulate a biological response.
Hit the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder before they hurt, by beginning self-hypnosis in the bright season. The Not So S.A.D. package uses a 1:1 interview to produce three custom recordings for at-home use at different points of the year, transmuting the withdrawal of light into a purposeful, soul-enriching fast that can level you up with each lap around the sun!


Each flight is a series of three sessions.

Why offer weight management sessions? Not because everyone should be thin. Weight management sessions are in demand because women are realizing their relationship with their bodies has been poisoned by toxic logic and empty food — and there is nothing more important to recover than our ability to feed ourselves well.

The Feelin’ Herself flight results in bodies feeling loved, cared for, excited to exist and excited to move and speak and kiss and work for their wildest dreams. It reboots that primal intuition so they can better sense when they need food versus water versus rest versus whatever else!

It’s more than weight management. You’ll shed shame, you’ll shed self-bullying, you’ll shed imaginary limitations that’ve kept you living a life that doesn’t light your fire. Yes, you DO deserve that! And the best part is, it feels great.

This series begins before conception, and includes mental, physical, and logistical preparation for optimal transition into motherhood. Read more about each session (which can also be purchased à la carte) here.