The key to a well-loved life is mastering one’s own sense of humor.

“Mastering one’s sense of humor” is another way of saying “learning how to let shit go” — in other words, grieve.

This is actually not a new skill we have to learn, but a natural impulse that’s socialized out of us by an ill-advised cultural preference for Being Straight-Faced As Often As Possible™️. So we just gotta practice being comfortable with our inherent needs — which include the need to imagine, kid, tease, and emote.

Comedians and hypnotherapists actually have the same job of helping people do this, and in fact we need each other to keep ourselves honest and effective, lest we sterilize our spirits with cynicism or neo-puritanical logic!

She Shed Hypno Parlour and its blog, That’s What She Shed, aim to chew a hole in the senseless curtain between performance artists and healing practitioners — busting the myth that “deep work” can’t also be social, fun, and creatively fulfilling.

TWSS uses comedy clips as a prompt to present trance-based techniques for accepting, honoring, and shedding our sob stories. These exercises can be incorporated into your offerings if you’re a therapeutic practitioner, or tried on your own if you’re simply a hypnocurious DIY type.

Looking for more structured support? Check out the Services page to book a private session.

In short, we wanna help you cry it out but we also wanna help you cackle. Now let the Golden Age of Healing begin!

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Credit: Dos Mundos Creative

Eliza Kane, MA, CH, is a certified member of the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and under her shapeshifting alter-ego Zaeli, an award-winning performance artist whose stand up has sullied the stage of comedy festivals in the U.S. and Canada.

Eliza’s Austin-based private practice She Shed Hypno Parlour draws from her experience as an instructor of mythological literature, a student of permaculture principles and indigenous linguistics, a Vermonter, a middle child, a mama, an unusually passionate Irish-American, and a democratically elected Class Clown.

Eliza offers hypnosis in gratitude for the healing it’s brought to her own life, allowing her to shed everything from pediatric medical trauma, to body dysmorphia, and stress-induced hair loss. Her highest high of every day is the moment a client concludes a session, rubs her eyes, and says some version of “WOW!” Her greatest joy is working as an agent of that WOW.