Say Yes to Your Weirdness with JP Sears

My colleague JP wants you to stop saying “No” to the unique existence you embody.

Since everyone is into lists these days and other forms of reductively, how ’bout I just spell out my conscious reasons for sharing JP Sears’ TEDx Talk as my virginal post for That’s What She Shed:

  1. JP Sears is a fellow Red Crown so I trust him deeply. What is a Red Crown? It’s the name my Abenaki kindergarten teacher gave me, which I’ve since decided means “redheaded healer-clown.” Some people, like my good friend and fellow healer Melinda, think it’s hokey or racist of me to cherish the reception of an informal Indian name, but that shit meant a lot when I was six (it was the 80’s!) and I believe it was a crystalizing moment in my spiritual consciousness so you can go gobble a peace pipe Melinda!! You jealous bitch!! ? 
  2. This video brings together two forms of oration we’re familiar with yet foolishly segregate: stand-up comedy, and an informative lecture. JP does a beautiful job “walking in both worlds” [high-fives the shamanic nerds]. One goal of TWSS is to dissolve the phony wall between these vocations, so, you know, pretty appropriate.
  3. Another goal of TWSS is to empower self-possession. To that end, the subject of this talk is key: childhood! The “wounding” (or self-subletting) that invariably occurs as we jump into this crazy sphere of psychic double dutch. It happened.

    Before we can make satisfying sense of where we are, we have to become aware of the hero’s journey we’ve been on:

    Get born earnest n’ needy, become confused but automatically adapt into a state of acceptable dysfunction, give up denying that something’s wrong (by force of crisis, if necessary), realize we’ve been wasting precious time and energy contorting ourselves into a lovable mirror for our caregivers even long after outgrowing any need for their approval, notice that some part of us has been resentful the whole time, grieve lost time and energy [blame others, blame self, realize this is just what life is, forgive AKA adjust expectations and return to the present], GASP FOR AIR

    That’s the stuff I want to help you with. That, and the next step of the journey:

    Deeply understanding that you now have everything you need to be what you really are, and learning how to remind yourself of that when necessary with techniques that work for you.
  4. The stage presence. On a technical note: Oh my gawd! If I could suck the left pinky finger of any stage presence it’d be that of Brother Sears here. The way he slows it down. The way he stays relaxed as a siren twerps by. The way he strews punchlines like a bird lady with a bag of day old scones, just 100% fine seeing the cynical birds starve to death before his beady eyes. He is fully riding the Alpha Wave and I can’t help but sync up with that smoothness. You need know. 
  5. Reason Five is not my reason, it’s yours. I don’t know what it is, and you don’t have to tell me. That said if you want to share — you know, being witnessed feels so good — if you want to share, I’d love to hear from you. Simply join the She Shed by subscribing to our Newsletter, then reply to your welcome email and fill me in. 

Now for the part that always puts the “sheesh!” in She Shed, a Hypnotip inspired by JP’s call for you to say Yes! to your weirdness:

? Pick a time of day when you’re alone,
at least until you work up the self-love to freak others out a bit!
? Stand in front of a mirror.
If you have long hair, let it hang long.
? Begin by closing your eyes and bouncing gently at the knees.
Feel into your feet as the weight of yourself finds a rhythm — rhythmic movement, paired with elongated breath, is all you need to alter consciousness for our purposes here.
? Now gently bouncing with your eyes closed,
take your fingers to the part of your hair.
Comb down your scalp to your ears (while humming, if you like),
and repeat this motion at a slower rate than the rhythm of your bouncing. So for example, bring your finger tips from the crown of your head to your ears over the course of three knee bounces and immediately repeat.
? Once you feel in flow, add in the spoken affirmation:
“I love that I’m weird.”
Say it however it wants to come out, the more emotion, the better.
Play with your voice as you play with the strokes of your fingers,
changing up their direction across your head.
? Advanced modification!
Start dropping in words other than “weird” — whatever floats to the lips,
let it come out without review or resistance,
and hear it through curious ears:
“I love that I’m bored. I love that I’m silly. I love that I’m thin. I love that I’m queer…”
(Don’t think that random example tells you anything about what I struggle to say Yes to! I invariably accept myself! I was totally imagining
someone else saying that!)
? As you’re doing this, attune into the feeling of love, as in, the bodily sensations you notice when you’re deeply appreciating someone or something. If that brings your posture into a hand over the heart, if it rolls your shoulders forward or opens them wide, do that.
Let your face express itself.
? Open your eyes to the mirror.
Revel in the masterpiece of emotion you have conjured through your body. Allow laughter or tears to come out.
Keep bobbing! Keep rambling love! Keep saying yes to that flow state.
If you feel resistance to anything you’re your seeing — your posture, your movement, your unfamiliarity — just notice when that happens and then imagine loving the trigger.
? Gradually relax into stillness.
Return your hands to your head, flattening palms to crown.
Give yourself some stiff exhales if that’s refreshing.
Making eye contact with yourself, state firmly:
“I love that I am weird. I love that I say yes.”
Repeat this affirmation as many times as feels good.
Blow yourself a kiss.
Turn and charm the day.

This exercise sounds light but the first time I did it for myself I cried in fits and starts, so maybe have a roll of triple ply or a vintage handkerchief handy. I dearly hope that helps someone who comes across it (maybe you??). If it takes a while to get used to, just know that’s normal and surviving that discomfort is what your earnest doula friend calls “doing the work”.

Well it’s sing-a-song-and-change-my-cardigan o’clock so I won’t write more today. Just enjoy JP, pop into the She Shed Newsletter if you like, and be cool to redheads because we are very sensitive!

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