You’re Part Wolf, Get Over It: Interrupting Our Puritanical Stories

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Let’s be real, one feature of humanity is our love of getting carried away. Especially by stories and exciting ideas.

A lot of the spiritual/self-help logic you might see out there illustrates this well. Whether it’s old school Christian puritanicism or its New Age twin, the logic of purification claims our true essence is DIVINE, which is not not true, but does be taken to an extreme.

The heavy implication is that we’re wrong or unrealized to also be naughty, silly little créatúrs slinking about sniffing out wild times and getting our tails spanked by the occasional slamming gate. This, I’ve observed, is a dangerous belief that causes distress and dysfunction in the average unconscious. Because at the level of the unconscious, we do like to get our paws a bit muddy, and it doesn’t help to deny it.

Do me a favor, grab at your fat. You feel that? You’re animal. Other things too, but definitely animal. Animals are into weird stuff. Not even weird stuff, just EARTH stuff; we’re made of bodies and bodies like to feel.
It’s important to understand this, because owning what we are and what we’re into makes us more self-aware, and self-awareness helps us be constructively selective about which stories we allow to carry us away.

For example, you might be one of the MANY people who tends to look back on your life, pluck out every devastation, and arrange them on a shelf to gaze at and declare, “That’s me. I make bad decisions.” This little one-act has enjoyed residency at your inner theatre for years, maybe your whole life.

Now we all get the need to point at something and say, “That’s me.” This need is real (I mean you can deny it but you’ll probably wind up either crazy or boring), so we won’t resent or ignore it…

And if this answer, “I make bad decisions,” is getting you off just fine and everyone in your heartfield is happy for you, great. Keep resenting your past. But odds are VERY good that everyone is bored by this and maybe even furious about it, so let’s slow down the tape on what’s happening here and find our Opportunity To Tweak.

In my experience it’s hard to change which memories we reach for. There’s usually a good (unconscious) reasons our brainhands plucketh them up. So don’t try to simply stop thinking about the memories that bring you shame. (That’d be called “repression”.) Don’t even force yourself to focus on different, “better” ones (which might tempt “delusion”). Just look at the things your lil mindfingers choose to manhandle, and describe them in a different way, a way that makes ONE critical new assumption.

The assumption: that there is no problem. That the moment where you’ve landed, even after all these earlier moments, is just as good as any other could possibly be had you a completely opposite display on your shelf. Imagine yourself just as beautiful, just as full of potential, just as close to joy, just as far from annihilation.

Now, hold that new idea in your heart, brain, and tits,,,,,, hold it,,,,, hold itttt,,,,,,,,,, annnnnd see what you observe now about that same collection of memories.

It might be something as charming as, “Oh, I like to take risks. I dig a good thrill. I like to run after the whiff of a great idea.” Oh, YEAHHHH. I could stretch my hind legs to that! What a perfectly natural creature to be. Nothing to change there, really. But one more tweak might do some good:

Look at that shelf, remember the unconditional self acceptance you just felt in your heart, brain, and tits, and say this to yourself or something like it:

I accept that having the life I want means sometimes getting disappointed or hurt, because that’s part of taking the risks I love.

See what you’ve done? You’ve accepted a trait about yourself — you’re fucking wild, you like to chance things — and now you’ve accepted a trait about that trait: it can bring pain, loss, embarrassment. Those difficult, high-maintenance, energetically expensive feelings are part of the life you want. And that’s OK!! You don’t only want the best of everything. You want everything. You’re wild!

Give yourself several days to speak this new story and notice what other observations add themselves on:

I know that I don’t have to take every risk that excites me.

I know how to be choosy with the risks I take, and calmly weigh potential consequences.

I look back on risks that backfired and chuckle at my temerity.

Good god I lookt to leap so high, such stud, and how my mane did shine back at the sun as I stumbled at full speed and fell upon my ass. Brava!!

These are new ways to observe one’s walkabout on Earth that don’t succumb to the encorsetting logic of puritanical ideologies, again, whether those ideologies are archaic or New Age.

By embracing the animal aspect of the human experience, and offering it a safe place by our heart’s fire, our animal traits become much less menacing and far better companions to our more popular traits, which we may well call divine.

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